2016-17 Youth Council Members

Members Biography:


The Youth Council is dedicated to achieving El Pueblo's organizational mission and to creating change in our community. To learn more about the group of passionate, capable, and determined young people of El Pueblo's Youth Council, see each member's biography below:


Ruben Suarez

Ruben is originally from Oaxaca, Mexico and was born Oct 1st 1999. He began being involved with El Pueblo as a participant of the youth workshops. Ruben then decided to become a peer educator to facilitate and lead reproductive health and justice workshops to other youth in Wake County. He has also been in several planning committees for the organization as well as his role currently in El Pueblo’s Board of Directors. He applied to the Youth Council because he wants to make a positive change in the community and to become a role model for his family and the Hispanic community.  He believe El Pueblo’s work is important because not only does it impact his family but the precious community that he loves and cares about. He also loves fried chicken and El Pueblo as a whole


Alejandra Méndez Perilla

Alejandra is originally from Bogotá, Colombia. She was born in April 2000 and came to the United States with her mother in 2008 to reunite with her father. She is currently a sophomore in high school. Alejandra began participating in 2014 when a family friend suggested she join El Pueblo. Since then, she has participated in Our Rights Have No Borders program for sexual and reproductive health justice, the intergenerational campaign for sexual education in Wake County schools, and helped plan special events. She joined this year’s Youth Council because, in her words, “I love to work with my community and I want to make positive change, so I’m here to work for it.” She believes that education drives leadership and as a youth leader she can make positive social changes not just for other youth, but for whole communities as well. “I encourage all young people and adults to join us in changing our community by joining El Pueblo and educating ourselves.”


Nicole Sofía Aldana Palacios

Nicole is originally from San Salvador, El Salvador. She was born February 26th, 2000 and came to the United States with her family when she was only a year old. She is currently a sophomore in high school.  Nicole first got involved with the organization by attending the Our Rights Have No Borders outreach workshops in 2013 and became interested in “the work El Pueblo does with youth.” She then joined the Our Borders Have No Rights program to become a peer educator in 2014, educating other young people during outreach workshops about sexual and reproductive health. She decided to join the Youth Council because, she says, “it’s a great way to serve the community and have a voice as a Latinx teen. There are many issues affecting many Latinxs today and the Youth Council is there to make a change.” She believes the work she does with the organization and other young people “is important because [the community] needs young Latinxs to stand up…and El Pueblo is there to connect youth, get us involved, and help us raise our voices.”


Angela Georgina Ramos

Angela was born in El Paso Texas and came to North Carolina at the age of 2 years old. Georgina got involved with El Pueblo through her older brother and sister who served and volunteered to some capacity. She became a peer educator to facilitate and lead reproductive health and justice workshops. Wanting to get more involved in helping the community she applied for Youth Council. Georgina believes El Pueblo’s work helps her and the community become more aware of the issues and topics that are important for change to occur


Brenda Perez Lopez

Brenda was born in Mexico City and immigrated with her mom to Raleigh which she calls home. She heard about El Pueblo, Inc. from a friend and got involved in the DSF program for two years. She is currently part of the DSF steering committee as well as a Youth Council member. She feels the Youth council provides the space for young people to share their ideas and talents to create positive change. Brenda believes El Pueblo’s work is important because she gets to put her little grain of salt to make a positive change in her community. She loves being a role model for other youth and wants to show that they can be a part of this movement also. She wants youth to join her and push for the betterment of the whole.


Jose Alfredo Olvero

Jose was born in Raleigh, NC and is currently attending college. He became involved with El Pueblo, Inc. by volunteering at La Fiesta del Pueblo with his mother. He got involved in El Pueblo youth programs through joining Teen Pep. He later applied to be a part of the Youth Council which he is currently in his second term. Jose decided to reapply this year because he enjoyed the activities they get to facilitate with other youth. He believe El Pueblo, Inc.’s work is important because they embrace the youth and believes in them. Jose states that the youth are the future of El Pueblo and are representatives of youth who want to make a difference in the society.


Angie Cadena Sarmiento

Angie was born in Colombia and arrived by plane to U.S. in 2002. Angie became involved with El Pueblo’s youth program “Teen Pep” her freshman year of high school. She then applied to Youth Council her junior year and has been a member since. Now in her third year in the Youth council, she continues to enjoy the new ways they learn about dealing with and solving issues together with different ideas. Angie believe in the work of El Pueblo, Inc. because of the awareness it brings to youth regarding community issues as well as opportunities for them to get involved and united.


Graciela Neria-Rosquero

Graciela was born October 13, 1999 in Raleigh, NC. She got involved when her Spanish teacher Mr. Vargas, from Vernon Malone College and Career Academy mentioned El Pueblo, Inc.’s volunteer opportunities for youth. She participated in Pueblo Power youth program last year and applied for Youth council and is currently in her first term. Graciela cares about the community and wants change. She believes teenagers need to be informed and spread that information to others in the community. The work she does at El Pueblo is important to her because she believes no matter what the size of the action, change will happen over time. Graciela likes that El Pueblo, Inc. helps by sharing resources and information about what is happening in the Latino community here in North Carolina.


Marco Salgado

Marco was born December 23, 2000 in Veracruz Mexico. He and his family migrated to the U.S. in 2009 where he started the third grade and had to learn the language which was a barrier for a while. He became part of El Pueblo, Inc. through his sister’s involvement with the youth programs. He desires to help and give back to the community which helped him in the beginning. He believes El Pueblo, Inc.’s work is important because together we can impact the policies and lives of people in Wake County. “Big things get finished with a lot of small things” is his motto.


Nathalia Diego Cruz

Nathalia was born August 29th in Galveston Texas. She moved to California and also lived in Iowa before coming to North Carolina. She loves Raleigh and feels it is her home. Nathalia was introduced to El Pueblo’s youth programs through her friend Ruben Suarez. She became part of the Pueblo Power youth program and wanted even more involvement so became a Youth Council member this year. She wanted to get out of her comfort level and help the community. She believes El Pueblo’s work is important because of the number of lives that feel helpless being helped. She also enjoys how El Pueblo has various opportunities to get involved in supporting the community.


Liliana Antolin Alarcón

Liliana was born on August 18, 1999 in Acapulco Guerrerro, Mexico. She moved to North Carolina at the age of 3 with her 2 older sisters and mother. She is currently a senior at Athens Drive High School. Liliana plans on becoming a travel nurse for a couple of years and then continue Medical school to pursue her M.D. Liliana became involved with El Pueblo soon after her mother attended anti-immigrant protests and workshops about minority rights and domestic abuse. Liliana began to realize all the problems minorities were facing and felt not enough was being done to help. For this reason she decided to join Youth Council and be involved in creating positive change for her community.  She believes the work done at El Pueblo is very important because they can become the voice of others to scared to speak.  Liliana considers El Pueblo as an organization who not only fights for the rights of others but one that helps groups of all ages become aware of health issues, resources available and to know their human rights as well.

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