El Pueblo is 20!

El Pueblo Turns 20!

In 1995, El Pueblo, Inc. was incorporated as a nonprofit organization. To commemorate our 20th year as a nonprofit organization, we've decided to celebrate our birthday year round with some key events. Stay tuned for more information as the year progesses! 

El Pueblo Through the Years 

20k for our 20th Anniversary                                                                                                     

El Pueblo began celebrating by raising the goal of our annual spring fundraising campaign from $15,000 to $20,000. Thanks to our fabulous supporters and generous donors, we were able to raise a little over $20,000! Thank you to everyone who was able to donate and supported us through this campaign. 

20th Anniversary Celebration                                                                                                     

El Pueblo hosted a celebration that doubled as a fundraiser! 125 guests attended, ranging from those involved during El Pueblo's early days to new program participants. We had live music, a program looking back at El Pueblo through the years, and goals for the future. Check out some of our pictures from the event below! 

Thank you to the 20th Anniversary Committee:

Jorge Ramos

Maria Ester Laguna

Angie Cadena

Ruben Suarez

Griselda Alonso

Bartola Diaz 

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

El Cuscatleco Restaurant
El Paseo Restaurant
Irregardless Cafe
ABC 11
Mar y Sol Restaurant
Panaderia La Espiga
Torero's Family Mexican Restaurant
Compare Foods-Clayton
Eduardo Morán


20th Anniversary Public Service Announcement                                                                  

Thanks to our partnership with ABC11, they worked with us to make a Public Service Announcement to celebrate 20 years as a non-profit organization. We hope you like the video and hope you can share with others. Be sure to lookout for the PSA on ABC11's channel! 


Stay tuned for more!

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