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El Pueblo community organizer Iliana Santillan speaking alongside Carmen Rodriguez and allies from Henderzon Fuerza Activa at "Latinos at the Legislature."

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February 2017

With a busy and concerning month for immigrant rights both locally and nationally, El Pueblo worked around the clock to better inform community members of their rights through classes on “Power of Attorney” and how to protect their families in the event of an immigrant raid.  We also visited the NC General Assembly building, where volunteers like Cristina Gonzalez spoke out against anti-immigrant bills like the proposed HB 63.  Through hard work from supporters like yourself, we’ve been able to collect over 900 signatures for a petition to stop this legislation.  You can read all of these stories and more below:

Stories on Power of Attorney Workshop:

La Noticia (S), Univision (S)

Stories on HB 63 and Petition:

WNCN (E), La Noticia (S) and Que Pasa (S)


WRAL story featuring volunteer Belen Vazquez (E)

Que Pasa on community efforts to push for drivers licenses. (S)

La Noticia on proposed HB 35. (S)

Que Pasa on El Pueblo’s condemnation of anti-immigrant and refugee executive orders. (S)

Que Pasa on El Pueblo’s volunteer lobbying efforts. (S)



January 2017

With the growing risk to immigrant families everywhere, El Pueblo has conducted a series of Know Your Rights workshops, the most recent of which was hosted on January 14th  We were overwhelmed by the amazing response from community members of all backgrounds, as we learn to fight and protect one another in uncertain times.  You can read these stories below and more, including an story by WNCN, featuring El Pueblo’s own Tito Ramos.

Know Your Rights Workshop: La Noticia (S), Qué Pasa (S), La Conexión (S)

Post-Workshop coverage: Indy Week (E), Que Pasa (S), La Noticia (S)

Qué Pasa story on encouraging civic participation (S)

WRAL story on Martin Luther King Day Celebrations (E)

La Conexión Calendar section, featuring Derechos Sin Fronteras workshop (S)

Monthly column in La Conexión (S)

WNCN story, speaking to Jorge Ramos about Executive Orders (S)



More Media Coverage:

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