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December 2017

Phonebanking Campaign

La Noticia (S), Univisión 40 (S)La Conexión (S)

Protest alongside Tuesdays w/Tillis

QuéPasa (S), La Noticia (S), La Conexión (S), Univisión 40 (S)

FLOC press conference featuring Iliana Santillan as translator

Qué Pasa (S)

Angeline Echeverría featured in story about Johnston County Health Dept forcing employees to speak English

America Now (S)

First Colectivo Meeting

Qué Pasa (S)


November 2017

Concert in Solidarity with DACA students

La Conexión (S)

Response to Trump’s immigration demands

WRAL (E), QuéPasa (S)

Monthly Column

La Conexión (S)


October 2017

This month, we felt the great emotional swing of advocating for the immigrant community in defense of the highly successful DACA program, all while preparing for the largest Latinx festival in the Triangle: La Fiesta del Pueblo.  We were honored to serve in these two fronts with the help of volunteers and allies, and will continue our work of advocacy for the immigrant community as well as providing the region with a daylong celebration of music, art, food and fun for the whole family.

DACA Decision

NC Policy Watch (E), News & Observer (E), Women AdvaNCe (E), WFMY (E), La Noticia (S), La Conexión (S), QuéPasa (S), WRAL (E),

Fiesta del Pueblo

La Noticia (S), La Conexión (S), QuéPasa (S), NC State Technician (E), News & Observer (E), Indy Week (E) WNCN (E), WRAL (E), Carolina Parent (E), American Towns (E)

ABC11 Coverage of La Fiesta (E)

FoodMusicRecap of 2016Map of La FiestaCommercial


Columna Mensual (S)


September 2017

We spoke out against the racist attacks which occurred in Charlottesville at the beginning of August and had volunteers like Youth Council member Viviana Mateo speak out in favor of positive change for the Latinx community as a DACA recipient.  We conducted a workshop at the beginning of the month to provide info to community members on current bills in the NC General Assembly.

Statement on Charlottesville attacks: QuéPasa (S), NC Policy Watch (E)

DACA benefit to youth in NC: La Noticia (S)

Information Workshop on Legislative Session: QuéPasa (S)

Monthly Column with La Conexión (S)

Raleigh MAIN Events Press Conference: QuéPasa (S), WRAL (E), ABC11 (E)


August 2017

While we are glad that most of the anti-immigrant bills that we were opposing did not pass, we shared the disappointment with other immigrant and worker rights groups as Gov. Cooper signed SB 615, a bill that prevents farm owners from being required to take out dues for their farmworkers who belong to unions such as Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC).  El Pueblo’s Iliana Santillán acted as interpreter for the many speakers during the press conference.  We also hosted a “Legislative Debrief” workshop at the end of August to educate community members on the recent session, as well as the additional sessions that will be held this year.

FLOC Press Conference: ABC11 (e), WNCN (e), Mundo Hispanico (s), Workers World (e), US News (e), Indy Week (e), Progressive Pulse (e), The Wilson Times (e), QuéPasa (s), La Noticia (s); Legislative Debrief Workshop: QuéPasa (s), La Noticia (s)


July 2017

As the most recent Legislative Session neared its end, we shared the disappointment of immigrant and workers’ rights groups as Governor Cooper signed SB 615, a bill that prevents farm owners from being required to take out dues for their farmworkers who belong to unions such as Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC).  Protestors gathered in downtown Raleigh to demonstrate solidarity with farmworkers in their struggle for fair wages and human dignity.  El Pueblo’s Iliana Santillán acted as interpreter for the many speakers during the press conference.  We also hosted a “Legislative Debrief” workshop at the end of August to educate community members on the most recent long session, as well as its implications for the immigrant/latinx community.

FLOC Press Conference

ABC11 (E), WNCN (E), QuéPasa (S), La Noticia (S), Mundo Hispanico (S), Workers World (E), US News (E), Indy Week (E), Progressive Pulse (E), The Wilson Times (E)

Legislative Debrief Workshop

QuéPasa (S), La Noticia (S)


June 2017

This Month, El Pueblo participated in Faith Advocacy Day, speaking alongside community and faith leaders at the North Carolina General Assembly, in defense of our state’s immigrant community.  Community Organizer Iliana Santillán interpreted for speakers during the press conference that followed.  Check out these stories below, as well as an article featuring Communications Coordinator William Saenz speaking on the potential impact of the proposed SB 145.

Faith Advocacy Day: Univisión (S), ABC11 (E), Indy Week (E), QuéPasa (S), La Conexión (S), Mundo Hispánico (S)

SB 145: Technician (E)


May 2017

With La Fiesta del Pueblo just a few months away, registration is open for artists, food vendors, non-profits, etc. Please help spread the word!  We also took part in the 5th annual Undocugraduation Ceremony at the NC General Assembly through the Adelante Coalition, advocating for tuition equity for NC’s 42,000 undocumented students.  We also continued our series of workshops on proposed anti-immigrant laws.

Undocugraduation: Mundo Hispánico (S), The Progressive Pulse (E), Indy Week (E), Univision 40 (S), La Noticia (S), QuéPasa (S), La Conexión (S)

Fiesta del Pueblo Registration: La Conexión (S), La Noticia (S), Qué Pasa (S)

Community Workshop: La Conexión (S)

April 2017

El Pueblo is staying busy both on the political front as well as with our celebration of Latinx culture.  We fought alongside allies and volunteers against anti-immigrant bills such as HB 341, and participated in a number of lobby days. We also conducted our annual weeklong fundraiser to raise $20,000, kicking off the campaign with our Art Exhibit and Open House.

Blocked proposal for HB 341: QuéPasa (S)

Press Conference against proposed anti-immigrant bills in NC: La Conexión (S)

Día del Inmigrante/Day of the Immigrant: La Noticia (S)

Federal Court Blocks Sanctuary Cities Ban: Daily Tarheel (E)

PARE Graduation Ceremony: QuéPasa (S)

Column about Open House and Art and Activism workshop: La Conexión (S)

Column about youth trip to NCLR Community Leaders Action Summit: La Conexión (S)

March 2017

This month, we are monitoring several negative proposals in the NC General Assembly (NCGA).  El Pueblo visited NCGA on a weekly basis, with volunteers speaking out against the bills and advocating for fair and just laws.  We also continued our series of Know Your Rights events, most recently at North Carolina State University, where students and the public alike learned more about relevant topics such as the future of DACA, and what to do when interacting with federal authorities.  

HB 63 stories: La Conexión (story 1story 2), La Noticia (S)

Indy Week Story on ICE in NC (E)

Qué Pasa Story on Youth Trip to NCLR Convention in Washington, DC (S)

Qué Pasa Story on Women’s Advocacy Day (S)

Fayetteville Observer story on the State of Immigration in NC (E)

News and Observer story on groups urging Wake Schools to protect students from ICE agents. (E)

News and Observer story on the impact of federal immigration enforcement on local communities (E)


February 2017

With a busy and concerning month for immigrant rights both locally and nationally, El Pueblo worked around the clock to better inform community members of their rights through classes on “Power of Attorney” and how to protect their families in the event of an immigrant raid.  We also visited the NC General Assembly building, where volunteers like Cristina Gonzalez spoke out against anti-immigrant bills like the proposed HB 63.  Through hard work from supporters like yourself, we’ve been able to collect over 900 signatures for a petition to stop this legislation.  You can read all of these stories and more below:

Stories on Power of Attorney Workshop:

La Noticia (S), Univision (S)

Stories on HB 63 and Petition:

WNCN (E), La Noticia (S) and Que Pasa (S)


WRAL story featuring volunteer Belen Vazquez (E)

Que Pasa on community efforts to push for drivers licenses. (S)

La Noticia on proposed HB 35. (S)

Que Pasa on El Pueblo’s condemnation of anti-immigrant and refugee executive orders. (S)

Que Pasa on El Pueblo’s volunteer lobbying efforts. (S)


January 2017

With the growing risk to immigrant families everywhere, El Pueblo has conducted a series of Know Your Rights workshops, the most recent of which was hosted on January 14th  We were overwhelmed by the amazing response from community members of all backgrounds, as we learn to fight and protect one another in uncertain times.  You can read these stories below and more, including an story by WNCN, featuring El Pueblo’s own Tito Ramos.

Know Your Rights Workshop: La Noticia (S), Qué Pasa (S), La Conexión (S)

Post-Workshop coverage: Indy Week (E), Que Pasa (S), La Noticia (S)

Qué Pasa story on encouraging civic participation (S)

WRAL story on Martin Luther King Day Celebrations (E)

La Conexión Calendar section, featuring Derechos Sin Fronteras workshop (S)

Monthly column in La Conexión (S)

WNCN story, speaking to Jorge Ramos about Executive Orders (S)


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