December Legislative Update

The big news at the General Assembly is the federal courts have taken away the power of the General Assembly to draw its own legislative districts.  The federal courts appointed an attorney in California whose job will be to draw fair and impartial legislative districts that do not disempower minority communities or to give an edge to one political party over another.   These new maps will be used in the 2018 legislative races. 

It is important to know that El Pueblo does not get involved in partisan politics or elections, however, the organization has been concerned over the creation of unfair districts that heavily favor one political party over the other.  The current system, which the federal courts found to be unconstitutional, creates such Republican and Democratic dominated districts that legislators in Raleigh have very little commonality when it comes to public policy issues.  And the supermajorities in both chambers, especially the Senate, creates an environment where moderation is scarce.  This is played out in anti-immigration bills coming from very conservative districts. 

El Pueblo joins dozens of organizations in applauding the federal decision to appoint an arbiter and our advocacy team is hopeful that more moderates from both parties will come together and work on common-sense immigration legislation and other public policies.

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