Youth Council

Picture of the Youth council around september of 2017

Picture of the Youth Council, taken September 2017

The Youth Council provides youth who are already engaged in El Pueblo's youth programs with a path for deeper engagement and leadership opportunities within the organization.

The Youth Council is a key part of an overall shift in El Pueblo towards increasing youth-adult partnerships and youth integration throughout the organization's structure and culture. The Youth Council represents this new intergenerational El Pueblo, in which young people and adults can learn from the points of view and experiences of each other.

Youth Council members partner with adult staff to:

  1. Strengthen youth-led programming and organizing;
  2. Integrate youth into program development and daily operations within El Pueblo;
  3. Organize and facilitate intergenerational events;
  4. Increase youth involvement in El Pueblo's governance; and
  5. Build youth and adult capacity to work together effectively.

In order to prepare youth to take active roles within El Pueblo and in their communities, one of the Youth Council's primary responsibilities is to design, organize, and facilitate the Pueblo Power (Poder del Pueblo) Youth Leadership Program. The Pueblo Power program engages youth in a series of trainings over 9 months that cover topics including: Social Justice & organizing, facilitation skills, and media literacy. The goal of these series of training is to build core skills within youth that they can share with others and also use in their own lives.


For more info, contact:

Mike Figueras

919-835-1525 ext 105


Jorge "Tito" Ramos 

919-835-1525 ext 121




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