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The General Assembly adjourned and just a few tweets later they returned to Raleigh for a legislative session to address the possibility that a Democratically controlled commission charged with writing the descriptions to six constitutional amendment questions before voters this fall may be negatively framed. 

The General Assembly adjourned the short session today just after Noon on Friday, June 29th, however the adjourment resolution requires a lame duck session on November 27, 2018, just two weeks after the general election.  That means all eligible bills are technically still alive.

El Pueblo is deeply disappointed in yesterday’s two Supreme Court decisions that violate our values.

"Over the last week, El Pueblo's staffers, volunteers and community leaders have been horrified by the acts of the United States government along our border with Mexico. Thousands of immigrant families seeking asylum and safety have instead been subjected to a nightmare that will leave long-lasting trauma for children and parents alike.

The General Assembly convened its short legislative session on May 16, 2018 and we were met with over 20,000 protesting teachers concerned about per pupil spending in K-12 education.  El Pueblo staff and volunteers were part of the historic rally.  

El Pueblo is preparing for the General Assembly short session that begins Wednesday, May 16.   The short session is the legislative period in even numbered years in which legislator’s main task is to tweak the two-year budget legislators passed in the long session.  

El Pueblo is looking for a Community Organizer to support Latinx* community members to lead legislative campaigns focused on promoting reproductive justice and immigrant rights. On a day-to-day basis, the person will work with El Pueblo’s Community Leadership Council, which is made up of Latina women who have participated in leadership programs to develop their skills and understanding related to state level policies.

The General Assembly remains adjourned and is not expected to back in session until May 16, when both the House and Senate return to Raleigh for the legislative short session.  The short session is expected to last until late June or early July with the main task of the General Assembly to rewrite the budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year which begins on July 1, 2018. 

El Pueblo is looking for a graphics designer artist to create promotional materials for our annual festival: La Fiesta del Pueblo.  Responsibilities include designing posters, newspaper ads, social media default pictures and wallpaper, the t-shirt and our Fiesta Program.

The General Assembly is now adjourned its special session and is expected to remain in their districts until May 16, when both the House and Senate return to Raleigh for the legislative short session.


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