September Legislative Update

El Pueblo has been tracking the General Assembly’s special sessions in which they initially returned to Raleigh in mid-July to rewrite the laws authorizing the six proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot this November.

After Governor Roy Cooper vetoed both bills legislators passed in the one-day session,the General Assembly overrode the vetoes in early August.  El Pueblo was at the General Assembly for the override vote.

Governor Cooper announced immediately after the veto override that he was suing the General Assembly over two of the amendments on the grounds it would undermine separations of powers between the executive and legislative branches of government.

The General Assembly returned to Raleigh in late August and rewrote the wording voters will read on proposed amendments to the NC Constitution this November after a three-judge panel ruled that the two of the new proposed state constitutional amendments were confusing.

El Pueblo lobbyists were at the General Assembly for the special session, and no legislation related to El Pueblo’s legislative agenda was considered.  

The amendment related to the governor’s appointments to boards and commissions now only deals with his appointments to the elections board. The amendment changing judicial vacancy procedures would strip the governor of “sole appointment power.” 

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