Statement: El Pueblo Responds to President Trump’s Decision to Detain Families Indefinitely

“Over the last week, El Pueblo’s staffers, volunteers and community leaders have been horrified by the acts of the United States government along our border with Mexico.

Thousands of immigrant families seeking asylum and safety have instead been subjected to a nightmare that will leave long-lasting trauma for children and parents alike.

Today’s decision to halt the separations and instead create indefinite detention facilities for families is a continuation of policies by this administration that are rooted in white supremacy, and have resulted in starvation, deaths and irreparable damage to the mental health and well being of individuals who came here seeking safety and opportunity.

El Pueblo condemns the racist actions of the President, as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.), and will continue to speak out and take direct action against hateful acts by our government.”