Statement: El Pueblo Responds to President Trump’s Decision to Detain Families Indefinitely

El Pueblo is deeply disappointed in yesterday’s two Supreme Court decisions that violate our values.

In National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra, better known as NIFLA v. Becerra, the Court’s decision to allow fake women’s health centers, also known as crisis pregnancy centers, to continue omitting important information about patients’ health options serves to embolden these centers in the deceptive practices that they use to coerce patients regarding their reproductive health decisions.

These fake health centers target vulnerable members of our communities and do not provide information about the full range of options and health services—the crucial information that we all need in order to control our sexual and reproductive health.

The Court’s decision in Trump v. Hawaii allows the Trump administration to continue restricting immigration to the United States by citizens of seven countries, most of which are predominantly Muslim.

This decision permits the administration to continue down the path of implementing immigration policies that are motivated by xenophobia, racism, and religious bias rather than by the values of inclusion, family unification, and human dignity that El Pueblo’s community of activists and volunteers cherish.

We encourage our communities to stay in solidarity with one another, to support each other during these trying times, to remember our resilience and to remain vigilant in the face of this increasingly hostile political climate.

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