El Pueblo is Looking for Our New Executive Director!

“Y así como todo cambia

Que yo cambie no es extraño…” 

Todo Cambia por Julio Numhauser, popularizado por Mercedes Sosa

“I will be leaving El Pueblo in February 2021. While change is healthy and natural, it often produces conflicting emotions and I am already feeling nostalgic even with several months left to go! I am going to miss so many people. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to the staff members, board members, leaders, volunteers, and donors who have supported me during my tenure at El Pueblo and more recently, at Fortaleza. Together, we have built two strong organizations made up of strong leaders who are committed to social and reproductive justice and to living out our values of equity, dignity, and respect.

Our team has created a committee made up of representatives of the boards of El Pueblo and Fortaleza, as well as staff and leadership council members, who are leading the transition project. We are grateful for the support of Brandi Nicole Johnson, who is consulting on this process and has helped the team to clarify their vision for the future of El Pueblo and Fortaleza. Please share the position announcement widely to help them find candidates to join this amazing team!”


El Pueblo and Fortaleza Executive Director Job Description


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