El Pueblo Statement on SB101

This last week of the NC general assembly’s legislative session has been another example of how quick our representatives are to move bills when it is convenient to them politically. They’ve rushed SB 101, an anti-immigrant bill that would require local sheriffs to work with ICE, through committees and hearings this week. Thankfully our community was, and is always, ready to mobilize and speak out against any proposed legislation that would harm our communities, SB101 being one of those.  

Legislators defending this proposal say they are doing it to keep our communities safe, but that is not true. We know that laws like these only contribute to generating more mistrust in the authorities. We know that racial profiling will increase and that immigrant and working families will be affected. 

SB 101 does nothing but harm our communities, immigrant and non-immigrant, and feeds into the federal government’s deportation machine. As this bill continues to move we are calling on Governor Cooper to do what he’s done in the past and veto anti-immigrant legislation once again. 

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