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Banda Los Guanajuatenses

The band Los Guanajuatenses, originates from Guanajuato, Mexico. This group was formed by 13 musicians from a town called San Pedro Tenango in 1999. Their music is heard on different Hispanic radio stations throughout North Carolina. With their authentic Mexican style, they make everyone dance, young and old.

Contact: Rubén Molina


Alejandro Santoyo

Santoyo is an international pianist and composer who released his debut solo CD, Elevation, in 2011. He began playing the piano by ear and composing when he was only 7 years old. Santoyo is an active performer, composer, and producer for different projects in the U.S. and internationally. His music has a very special energy that has been described as “moving, gentle, and romantic.”

N4 is an acoustic band created from different musical influences, mixing rock, reggae, blues and drums to merge them into one rhythm. The band was originated in Raleigh, North Carolina and is integrated by lead vocalist and guitarist Marcos Gomez from Argentina, percussionist Jorge Layrisse from Venezuela, bassist and background vocalist Jacob Pernell from the US and multi-instrumentalist Josué Bracho from Venezuela.

Batalá Durham

Founded in December of 2015, Batalá Durham is an all-volunteer group of drummers

playing samba reggae music from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. Samba reggae was created

about 45 years ago when the traditional samba rhythms of Brazil were mixed with

the reggae music that was popular at the time. Batalá was founded in Paris in 1997

and currently has over 30 groups in 15 countries and a worldwide membership of over

1,000 percussionists. Batalá Durham is the new local branch of the international Batalá

family, created by musicians local to the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area.
Charanga Carolina

Charanga Carolina is the only university-based charanga ensemble in the state of North Carolina and probably in the country. The Cuban “charanga” ensemble features flute, violins, brass, piano, bass, and percussion. Charanga Carolina specializes in Cuban danzón and New York-style salsa music. Directed by David F. García, Charanga Carolina is committed to bringing these important repertories in the history of Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Latin dance music to life for Carolina students and faculty as well as for the surrounding communities.

Contact: David Garcia |  |  919-451-3604

Coyote Jam

Coyote Jam delivers a unique, powerful musical experience. Dance with your partner to guitar-infused cumbia rhythms, groove along with some Latin Funk, and sing along to your favorite Latin and American rock songs all in one high energy musical performance to remember. Coyote Jam brings decades of professional music experience from many areas and walks of life, including Peru, Nicaragua, El Salvador, New Jersey, Illinois, and North Carolina!
Danny and Jimmy

Danny & Jimmy “The Canales Bros,” are a Latin urban duo, that originated from Arlington VA. Their music is well-known for bringing good vibes and incredible energy.

Who exactly are The Canales Bros? Danny founder of the duo he is one-half of the primary vocalist, but he is also the producer and songwriter. Jimmy, songwriter, singer, and the other half of energy these two bring when they are together. What is it that separates these two from any other duo? Like Danny says “Una conexion que ningun hermano lo tiene” meaning “a connection that no brother has.” It’s this relationship that keeps these two working hard and even though they may have their moments where they disagree on certain things both of them make sure everything’s discussed so they may move forward.

These two are on a mission to leave a mark every time someone hears their music, and they will be able to show all this come October 15th when they release their EP.

(571) 789-9705
Flor y Canto

The folkloric traditions of Mexico come to life with this latin acoustic ensemble, whose performance is a multicolor celebration for the ears, the eyes and the soul. We are Flor y Canto: Poetry in movement.
Picture of Franco Gallardo with a horse.  / Una foto con Franco Gallardo con un caballo

Franco Gallardo “The Horseman of México” is a native of Veracruz, Mexico. With 15 years as an artist in the genre of the traditional music of Mexico (Ranchero), he presents various hits from different famous artist such as: Vicente Fernandez, Joan Sebastian, Javier Solis and many more. He is the Horseman of Mexico, Franco Gallardo, and gives it all!
Marcos Napa

Born in Lima, Peru, Marcos has dedicated his career to Afro-Peruvian music and dance.  As a child, he started as a dancer in the Ballet Peru Negrito, and in 1983, he made his debut as a professional percussionist in Ballet Perú Negro.  In 1995, he founded Ebano Academy in Peru. Three years later, he traveled to the United States with a dream “to spread the rich Afro-Peruvian heritage.”  In 2003, he opened the Ebano Academy in Paterson, New Jersey, which has presented workshops in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.  Marcos currently teaches percussion and dance at The Arts Center in Carrboro.
NC Brazilian Arts Project

Originally known as Samba movements, NC Brazilian Art Project is an organization dedicated to the promotion of diverse Brazilian cultural arts through performance and instruction of classes. The overall style of dance is known as Brazilian Samba, which originates in Afro-Brazilian culture and has many regional variations.

Picture of the entire group, Orquesta K'Che

The North Carolina’s Triangle area Latin dance band Orquesta K’Che, is the brainchild of percussionist/leader Billy Marrero. When on stage, the eleven piece band will delight the audience by projecting the musical energy of its members, who are ready to ignite and excite you. They aim to be an all-purpose dance band. That means playing Cumbia, Merengue, Bolero, and Latin Jazz as well as Hot Salsa, rather than specializing in one genre. They represent USA, Venezuela, Cuba, and Puerto Rico

Contact: / Billy Marrero 919-607-6560 919-607-6560 F / 919-607-6560