Visual Artists

Cornelio Campos

Cornelio Campos is a self-trained painter from Cherán, Michoacan, Mexico who now resides in Durham, North Carolina.  Campos paints with a passion for educating others, primarily on the migrant experience, and for sharing the customs and culture of his people, Purepecha from Cherán. His work has been shown at exhibits throughout North Carolina, including Duke and UNC – Chapel Hill, where some of his pieces are permanently on display.
Ernesto Hernandez

Ernesto was born in Nayarit, Mexico in 1985.  Having grown up in the south and seeing the lack of diversity of the Latino community, he started painting to remember the stories. Throughout life, Ernesto has always been fascinated by cultures and how the world is represented through the eyes of others.  The interest was cultivated during his pre-teen years by his art teacher, Chris Baschon, in middle school and the love for art still continues.  He uses the world around him and political landscapes to shape the emotions into an art image.  His love for bright colors can always be seen in his paintings.  Ernesto works and lives in Myrtle Beach, SC, where he is an artist and activist.
Nora Hernandez

Born and raised in Honduras, Nora’s love for the arts began by the education she received at the “Triunfo de la Cruz Institute” where she studied poetry and fine arts.  Influenced by Don Lorenzo Alvarenga, her desire to paint is to express her passion and love of life, captured on canvas.

Paola Guadarrama

Paola is a graduate of the College of Art and design at NC State University.  Along with fellow graduates Monica Galleto and Brigitta Guadarama, each of them has a specific interest in the realm of Art and Design, which is shown in the various mediums they use to display their work.  This includes but is not limited to prints of photography, children’s books, illustrations and graphic design.

Paul Wingler

Paul Wingler is a native of Indiana.  After having taken photography classes at the Durham Arts Council, he pursued his studies at the New York Institute of Photography where he earned a certificate of graduation.  Since then he has studied with various photographic artists at the East Coast School in NC.  He also completed a five year study with Master Photographer and ASP Fellow Jay Stock, as well as other noted photographer.  Today, Paul continues to teach, lecture and judge throughout the United States, and South and Central America.
Peter Marin

As an independent artist, Peter has forged a professional path shaped by curating and producing independent exhibitions, expositions in public spaces, nonprofit programming, cultural arts, and programs on abstraction.  He is also an active advocate for the arts, and supports 501c3 organizations by serving on boards, volunteering, fundraising and donating.
Yholima Vargas-Pedroza

Yholima Vargas-Pedroza is a native of Colombia.  Since a very young age, Yholima was inspired by Colombian art through her mother, who made a living by painting and occasionally performing traditional Colombian dances when Yholima was a child.  After moving to Canada in 1997, Yholima became a recognized choreographer and dancer as well as an ambassador for world traditional dances.  However, in recent years, Yholima started exploring her painting abilities in a more formal level.  Today, you will be able to explore some of her work and a piece of her heart through her paintings.