Have any questions that aren’t answered here?  Talk to us and we will do everything possible to accomodate festival guests.

La Fiesta del Pueblo is free and open to the public on Sunday, September 24th from 12-7pm, with all of the events taking place on Fayetteville Street in downtown Raleigh, as well as on the intersecting streets.  Fayetteville Street is more than half a mile long, so there will be some distances to travel between sections of the festival.  Please be aware that Fayetteville Street and its sidewalks will be crowded during the event.

You can avoid some crowding by going up or down a block to Wilmington or Salisbury and then returning to Fayetteville via one of the Cros streets.  Do note that some streets have a slight uphill pitch to them, especially the side streets: Martin, Davie and Hargett.

Volunteers in official T-shirts will be around the fesival – please ask someone if you have a question!


A great place to start your Fiesta del Pueblo experience is at one of our Informational Booths, located at every intersection along Fayetteville Street (Morgan St, Hargett St, Martin St, Davie St.).  There you can find program booklets and ask friendly helpers any questions you might have about the festival!


A designated accessible viewing area will be available in front of the Main Stage for people who use mobility devices and their companions to help ensure that you can see what’s happening on stage.  This area is intended for visitors who use wheelchairs, scooters or other mobility devices and their companions, as well as guests who have a disability that substantially limits their ability to stand and their companions.  Space is limited and is available on a first-come, first served basis.


Fayetteville Street and the first block of all side streets will be blocked off for the festival.  Wilmington and Salisbury Streets will remain open.  Designated drop-off areas are available on the east and west side of Fayetteville Street, at the Davie Street intersection and the Martin St intersection.  Check out this Map for a detailed layout of dropoff points for the festival.


The Moore Square Bus Station is location at 214 S Blount Street, 1.5 blocks from the heart of the La Fiesta del Pueblo footprint.

The R-Line, a free circulator shuttle, will also be available to help you get from your parking space to the festival footprint.

All R-Line vehicles and all GoRaleigh vehicles are equipped with ADA access by either a lift or a ramp.


Street parking surrounding the footprint of La Fiesta del Pueblo is free all day on Sunday, so the payment required on weekdays does not apply.

City Parking decks are free all day on Sunday, please refer to this map for all City of Raleigh parking decks available during La Fiesta del Pueblo.


All of the events taking place at la Fiesta del Pueblo are on the street level with the roads closed off to motor vehicles all day on Sunday.  While this means that some areas of the streets and sidewalks do get crowded, all street-level activities are physically accessibile.  Do note that some streets have a slight uphill pitch to them, especially the side streets: Martin, Davie and Hargett.


Street level accessible restrooms (portable toilets) will be located on two of side streets of the festival footprint: W Martin and E Davie street.


La Fiesta del Pueblo’s organizers work hard to make all of its programming accessible to everyone!  If you need assistance or have additional questions during La Fiesta del Pueblo, please visit one of our informational booths located at every intersection on Fayetteville Street.  If you have additional questions, comments, or would like to join the general conversation about accessibility in the arts, email Cecilia or call (919) 835-1525 ext. 104.


The organizers of La Fiesta del Pueblo 2017 is grateful to Jamie Katz with Pinecone and Wide Open Bluegrass Association for helping us compile this information.  We will continue to make La Fiesta del Pueblo as accessible and enjoyable for all members of our community as possible!

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