June 2019

Our work at the General Assembly continues as we fight against racist bills such as HB 135 and HB 370.  We were also incredibly proud of our youth member Johan Molina for his published op-ed on the need to preserve Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for our families and loved ones.


News & Observer



NC Policy Watch

WFAE – Charlotte

WXII 12 – Triad

WSOC – Charlotte

WLOS – Asheville

Associated Press – nationwide


Univision 40


Enlace Latino


Workshop on Reproductive Justice

La Conexión (S)

Coverage on HB 135

La Conexión, Qué Pasa (S)

Op-Ed by Johan Molina on TPS

News & Record (E)

Celebration of our youth and adult program members

Qué Pasa (S)

May 2019

This month, El Pueblo continued speaking out against bills that can hurt marginalized communities across our state.  We actively protested alongside allies like Siembra NC to show the harmful impact that proposals like HB 370 and HB 135 would have, as well as speaking out against the repeated attacks on our reproductive rights through bills like the misleading SB 359.  Finally, we teamed up with the Adelante Coalition for UnDOCUgraduation: a day of advocacy at the NCGA in support of in-state tuition for all residents, regardless of documentation.

Session on Education for Latinx parents in Wake County

Univision 40 (S)

Protest Against HB 370 with Siembra NC

CBS 17 (E), Univision 40 (Story 1 and Story 2)

Interviews about HB 370 and HB 135

Univision 40 (S) and NC Policy Watch (E)

UnDOCUgraduation Ceremony

Charlotte Observer (E), EdNC (E), News & Observer (E), Univision 40 (S), La Conexión (S), La Noticia (S) 

Interview with staffer Florence Simán about SB 359

QuéPasa (S)

April 2019

This month, El Pueblo worked alongside grassroots organizations and nonprofits in defense of our community, as well as in support of bills that can improve the lives of our undocumented family members and loved ones.  We continued our campaign in opposition to the anti-immigrant bill HB 370, which would force all counties in North Carolina to comply with ICE detainers, as well as force arrestees to stay in jail longer, regardless of capacity to make bail.  We also stood with allies in support of a drivers’ license for all North Carolina residents, regardless of documentation.  

Latinx Activists meet with Governor Cooper

La Conexión (S)

Press Conference on drivers licenses Bill

Univision 40 (S)

Activists urge sheriff to hold firm on opposing HB 370

Univision 40 (S), QuéPasa (S)

Abc11 Together Perspectives (E)

More stories on HB 370

WRAL (E), Abc11 (E)

La Fiesta del Pueblo opens registration to participants

QuéPasa (S)

March 2019

This month, community leaders made their presence known on various levels of government, visiting the Wake County School Board, the Governor’s Advisory Council on Hispanic/Latino Affairs, even the offices of our federal representatives in DC.  The purpose of these meetings was for our elected officials to acknowledge the massive damage and trauma caused by last month’s ICE raids and to oppose legislation that would cause even greater harm to our communities.  We also stood alongside allies who opposed HB 370, an anti-immigrant bill that serves as direct retaliation against voters in cities like Raleigh, Charlotte and Asheville for electing progressive sheriffs who listened to their constituents and terminated the 287(g) agreement between ICE and county sheriff departments.

Trip to DC for UnidosUS Advocacy Days: WRAL (E), UnidosUS (E)

El Pueblo’s response to HB 370: QuePasa (S), Univision 40 (S), WRAL (E), Abc11(E), The Daily Tarheel (E)

Families Speak out at Wake County School Board Meeting: Abc11 (E)

February 2019

This past month, North Carolina experienced a series of mass detentions conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, where more than 200 individuals were detained over the course of a week.  These actions were a direct retaliation against major counties across the state who said “no” to hate and bigotry by electing sheriffs who promised an end to partnerships with ICE.  We stand in solidarity with the victims and their families, and wish to uplift the work of organizations doing crucial work, such as El Centro HispanoThe Hispanic LiaisonCIMASiembra NCComunidad Colectiva, and RadarSafe. We also worked with allies to urge elected officials to speak out against the raids, as well as asking the Wake County School Board to show solidarity with undocumented students.

Response to Increase in ICE Raids: News & Observer (E), WRAL (E), La Conexión (S)

Tuesdays With Tillis: La Conexión (S)

HKonJ: La Conexión (S)

Story on Safety in Public Schools for Undocumented Students: ABC11 (E)

January 2019

This month, El Pueblo began taking the necessary steps to prepare for year long advocacy and leadership development in 2019.  Our top priorities, as determined by community leaders, is in-state tuition to university or tech schools for all NC residents, regardless of documentation, drivers licenses for undocumented residents, and expanded access to reproductive care for all.  We kicked off the year with a weekend retreat called EP Rises, where newly registered volunteers were given the opportunity to learn more about El Pueblo’s work, our mission and vision, as well as take part in a series of workshops designed to help create the right frame of mind to acheive intersectional justice.  Our newly trained leaders will be able to practice these skills during HKonJ, and later in the year as they participate in actions and visits to the NC General Assembly.

El Pueblo plans for 2019:  La Conexión

EP Rises and looking towards HKonJ:  La Conexión

FaithAction ID’s and campaign for drivers licenes:  QuéPasa 


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