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We work to register eligible Latinx voters in our communities, as well as educate them about candidates, where they can vote, and when. We also mobilize voters through phone banks, door canvassing, and direct mail.  By continuing to encourage the practice of voting in every election cycle, we hope that more voters who care about the Latinx community will turn out to the polls.

Together with community members we work to stop legislation that targets the most vulnerable in our community. Alongside our allies, El Pueblo conducts phone banks to encourage community members to call their legislators; prepares testimony for committee hearings; and push for a bill to support in-state tuition for undocumented students.

We currently contract with a lobbyist to know what is happening at the legislature in real time and strategize with community members. We also convene community members at the General Assembly to voice their concerns about what is happening in their communities and create better constituent-representative relationships.

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