The Pueblo Power Program is a leadership and youth organizing program focused on learning about diverse social justice issues and how to organize for change. The program prepares youth to take an active role within the organization and in the community. Every year, roughly 25 to 30 youth members learn about dismantling racism and how to organize effective grassroots campaigns with other young people. They also travel to Washington DC to attend the Unidos US Latino Voter Summit with the Youth Council to learn about federal issues and lobby for better solutions.

The program consists of:

  • Monthly skills-building workshops on topics like systems of oppression, community organizing, media literacy, public speaking, and civic engagement for a core group of about 15-25 Latino youth
  • Youth-led actions that are connected to their learning through workshops as well as broader El Pueblo campaigns and collaborations.

    Eligibility requirements:

    1. Youth in High School
    2. Attend 100% of all trainings throughout the year (2 per month)
    3. Participate in El Pueblo events
    4. Participate in at least one advocacy action during this program
    5. Have a parent/guardian attend Orientation Night and Graduation Ceremony

More Info: Mike Figueras or 919-835-1525 ext. 105. 



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