El Pueblo Rejects HB10 Anti-immigrant Bill Advancing in the Senate  

April 30th, 2024.

“Instead of prioritizing important issues for North Carolina, like passing the state budget, members of the Senate are rushing to pass an anti-immigrant bill like HB10, to force all sheriffs in the state to collaborate with ICE, under the false premise that immigrants are a threat to public safety when in reality they are critical to the state’s economy. 

This legislation will not make our state safer, instead, this bill will interfere with decisions about local resources and priorities, expose sheriffs and counties to expensive lawsuits for constitutional violations, and weaken community trust in law enforcement.  

We are witnessing the North Carolina Legislature turning its back on its immigrants, a community that contributes more than $8 billion in taxes to the state’s economy each year 

The real motivation for HB10 is political as it is a response by the Legislature against sheriffs who won their elections in 2018 on a promise to end any collaboration with ICE under the 287g program. Furthermore, this project, contrary to what its supporters say, will open the door to abuse of power and racial profiling and endanger people who have committed no crime. 

We demand that our lawmakers stop using our immigrant community as political pawns and focus on the issues that really matter to North Carolina”



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