July Legislative Update

The General Assembly adjourned the short session today just after Noon on Friday, June 29th, however the adjournment resolution requires a lame duck session on November 27, 2018, just two weeks after the general election.  That means all eligible bills are technically still alive.

This adjournment resolution is in contrast to past adjournment resolutions for a short session, in which the General Assembly adjourns sine die, which means adjournment without a day being set for reconvening. In other words, sine die adjournment is a final adjournment resolution.

The initial version of Senate Bill 145, which would have denied many immigrant children access to higher education, was transformed into another bill, which did not affect El Pueblo.  And most recently, House Bill 471, initially entitled “Fail to Obtain DL/Increase Punishment”, was transformed into “Felonious Gaming Machines.”

Overall this was a positive session for El Pueblo as legislative leaders in both chambers in the General Assembly seemed disinterested in taking on anti-immigration legislation in such a volatile election year in which President Donald Trump seems to be a drag on the ballot for many Republicans.

The General Assembly even restored Saturday voting on the weekend before the general election, after legislators voted to nix the popular voting day.

However, there will be a constitutional amendment on the ballot this November asking voters if a voter ID should be required in North Carolina elections.  There will also be a constitutional amendment on the ballot this November asking voters if a cap on the income tax should be no greater than 7%.

The initial proposal was 5.5% but at least 12 Republican House members would not support it that low.  The current cap in the NC Constitution is 10%.

The General Assembly overrid a veto of SB 711 (North Carolina Farm Act of 2018), which was vetoed by Governor Cooper because it disallows residents in a community from suing farms that are a nuisance to communities.

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