Letter to the Governor in Response to Recent Anti-Immigrant Proposals

Letter to Governor

Dear Governor Roy Cooper, 

Every Day, thousands of North Carolinians face an unclear future due to their immigration status. Lacking a clear pathway to citizenship, a large community of our state population is under constant threat from xenophobic attacks at the state and local levels of government as well as in their daily lives.  

Due to this crisis, undocumented immigrants in North Carolina have recently been unjustly accused of being threats to the public safety of our state, of being a strain on our social safety net, and of weakening “the rule of law in our country”.  Whereas those of us who are immigrants, have loved ones who are, or work with the immigrant community know that this is not the case. Governor Cooper, you also know this is not the case as you have stood by this community time after time to ensure North Carolina remains a safe place for all families by vetoing bills such as HB370 (2019) and SB 101 (2022) that sought to force sheriffs to collaborate with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Tim Moore has recently pushed for legislation on this again, declaring a crisis caused by immigration at the U.S.-Mexican border. 

This crisis is not real. The only crisis at the southern border that exists is a humanitarian one, faced by people who are fleeing their home countries. In contrast to what Moore has declared, several studies have shown that immigrants are significantly less likely to commit crimes, even in Texas. There is no data to support Moore’s xenophobic claims of risk to public safety from immigrants.  

Concerning our social safety net, the immigrant community in North Carolina makes vast contributions to the state’s social welfare programs without ever being able to qualify for these themselves. For example, taxes are paid every year by immigrants who will never receive social security and businesses are opened that create jobs and stimulate the economy of our state. In North Carolina, the labor force participation rate of foreign-born individuals averaged 68.6% in 2022 compared to 59.8% for those native-born (Department of Public Commerce, 2023).  

As for the rule of law in our country, in 2023 NC sheriffs opposed collaboration between local police and ICE saying that such policies would create distrust between their agencies and the communities they serve making all communities more vulnerable to exploitation, sexual assault, trafficking, domestic violence, and more. 

Governor Abbott of Texas has wasted the resources and tax dollars of the good people of his state on an anti-immigrant project and now Representative Tim Moore would like to do the same with North Carolina’s resources. We trust that you will not allow that to happen. 

Our state must invest in our community’s future by using tax dollars to fund public education, affordable housing, after-school programs, and more initiatives that make North Carolina a place for all communities to thrive.  

El Pueblo and Partners call on you, Governor Cooper, to continue standing with the immigrant community as you’ve done in your years as Governor of the state of North Carolina. 


El Pueblo 

Cosigners and Partner Organizations: 

Fayetteville PACT 

Pro-Choice North Carolina 

Red Wine & Blue 

Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy 

Action NC 

Muslim Women For 

Planned Parenthood South Atlantic 

Advance Carolina 

Education Justice Alliance 

Carolina Abortion Fund 


Party For Socialism & Liberation 

Interfaith Clergy Standing for the Community 

NC Environmental Justice Network (NCEJN) 

Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry of NC 

Equality NC 

Speaking for the Speechless 

Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry of NC 

Democracy Out Loud 

NC Budget & Tax Center 

ACLU of North Carolina 

Mujerxs Organizando Oportunidades Notables 

NC A. Philip Randolph Institute 

Durham Workers Assembly 

United For A Fair Economy 

Muslims for Social Justice 

BWFJ (Black Workers for Justice) 

NC People’s Power Agenda Coalition (PPAC) 

Carolina Jews for Justice 


NC Triangle DSA 

Indivisible Guilford County 

Hispanic Federation 

North Carolina Asian Americans Together 

Charlotte-Metrolina Labor Council 

Asheboro Latinxs Services 

Faithaction International House 

El Vínculo Hispano 

Student Action with Farmworkers 

La Fuerza NC 

El Centro Hispano, Inc. 

Hendfact Henderson Fuerza Activa 

Venezuela Para Ti 


SisterSong WoC Reproductive Justice Collective 

Asociación de Dominicanos en Raleigh (Adora) 

North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence 

Winston-Salem DSA 

Toxic Free NC 



Justicia y Esperanza 

Comite Popular Somos Raleigh 

North Carolina Council of Churches 

Pi Iota Chapter of Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad 

Mi Familia Vota 

Latin American Coalition 

NC Counts Coalition 

SEAC Village 

Iglesia La Semilla UMC 

Duke Define America 

Mi Gente 

North Carolina Immigration Law and Justice Center 

North Carolina League of Conservation Voters 

Students for Immigrant Rights & Equality 

Angeles Latines 


Haciendo El Cambio – Making a Change 

Acción Hispana 

Latino Civic Engagement Committee 

Acción política latina 

MomsRising/Mamás Con Poder 

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