La Fiesta del Pueblo is going virtual this year!

“Nos cuidamos, uno a otro.”- “We take care of each other.”

Our community is our top priority, which is why we made the same decision as last year- to cancel our in-person Fiesta del Pueblo and instead move to a safer, virtual celebration. We’re continuing our tradition of supporting local artists and businesses while keeping the safety of our community as our top priority. Expect to enjoy an afternoon of spectacular performances from local musical artists and dance groups. We’ll also have messages from local food and artisanal vendors. Who knows, maybe you’ll see a familiar face or two! Mark your calendars for October 3rd and join us on Facebook Live anytime after 1PM and anywhere you have access to Facebook!

Check out our Program to view all of our performances and artists of the day!

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Tesoro is a Latinx drag artist based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. She creates and curates drag spaces catered towards POC drag artists. Inclusivity is important to her drag community and she hopes she can normalize non-binary alternative drag. Find her on Instagram @findtesoro. The hidden treasure of Raleigh.

Eevee Dulce

Eevee is a Latinx female impersonator/drag artist currently living in Raleigh NC. She is currently a local performer and simply loves the arts of makeup & female impersonation. She hopes to be able to continue to use her voice to inspire others to live their truest lives no matter what your circumstances are. Find more about
her on Instagram/Facebook @EeveeDulce.

Javier Montano

Javier Montano is a 22-year-old Mexican Regional singer with Regiomontana and Chiapaneca roots. His talent has opened many doors for him, such as being in different television programs, news, magazines, and also receiving aclaim from many important people in the music industry, such as Pepe Garza, who commented “He is a boy with a lot of potential”. His versatility in Regional Mexican music promises to be an important key for the young singer in his career because he can easily move between Norteña, Sierreña, and Banda music.


Tumbao is a high-energy Latin Fusion band formed by seasoned musicians from various genres and backgrounds – and we mean all different types – that creates a sound reflecting the many flavors, los sabores, of Latin America. Tumbao offers a taste of Salsa, Bossa, Funk, Cumbia, Latin-Rock, R&B, Jazz and BRASS. Formed by Pianist and music director Diego Avilez in 2019, the band has taken to new heights and popularity rapidly throughout the South Eastern circuit and beyond. Most recently featured on PBS, the NCMA, and multiple publications, the electric sound of Tumbao keeps crossing more and more barriers captivating listeners of every age and every background. It’s current line up consists of Rey Riera (Congas), Tommy Quinn (Guitar), Julian Denton (Bass), Logan Maxwell (Sax), Aaron Lane (Trumpet), and Ryan Masecar (Drums).

Zona Tipica

Zona Tipica is a group of typical Dominican music (Perico Ripiao) that was founded in 2016. It is made up of local musicians from the cities of Zebulon, Raleigh and Cary with more than 20 years of local, national and international musical experience.

Mariachi Viva Mexico NC

Mariachi Viva México NC has its beginnings as a formal group in 2005 in Los Angeles, California, due to the vision of its representative Jose Gonzalez, after several years of touring a large part of the state of California exhibiting, promoting and interpreting with great pride his Mexican music. In 2014, after having passed through some states and looking for new horizons, they arrived in North Carolina, where it was very noticeable that the community highly appreciatedvtraditional, folk, and popular Mexican music. Taking into account that the community (especially the Latino community) received them in the best way, they decided to stay in Raleigh, North Carolina to be able to offer each and every one of their clients the best of their work, making it as professional as possible, and that also the people of this state can count on a mariachi with a good music, a lot of experience, and dedication.

Folklore y Danzas

The Folklore and Dance group was born within the framework of the Venezuelan Cultural Association with the purpose of promoting the Venezuelan culture in our community and by following the association mission of “preserving and sharing Venezuelan culture through music and folkloric dances.” The group and the Association are honored to represent Venezuelan culture to the community of North Carolina with the goal of also creating strong bonds within Venezuelan families through cultural activities.

Huepa Culture

Huepa! was created in the city of Durham NC in May 2015. Just like its name describes it, Huepa! is an invitation to celebrate and enjoy life in the form of performing arts. Huepa! welcomes children and adults from different ages, races and backgrounds to learn about Latin- American expressions and cultural identities. Huepa! strongly believes that by celebrating our roots and traditions our next generations can become stronger adults in mind and spirit. Let’s make this world a better place one dance at the time.

Orgullo y Alma Latina

In 2010, Orgullo y Alma Latina was formed in Zebulon by Mirtha Edwards and a dedicated group of Hispanic parents to give them a sense of community and cultural pride, as well as to share their heritage with others. With authentic outfits, the group proudly represents the state of Sinaloa, located on the Gulf of California across the waters from Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. They will be performing an array of dances from this region, showing how Sinaloans have transformed celebration into an art form.

Visual Artist: Rosa Morales

Rosa Morales Lamas was born in Valencia, Venezuela and her artistic beginning was in the year 2000. In 2007, she participated in the First Biennial of Popular Art of Naguanagua, Venezuela and in the successive biennials until the sixth in 2017. She has shared her art in the Barbaro Rivas Popular Art Museum in Petare, Caracas; Collective Exhibitions; and Faces of Our Peoples, all in Venezuela. In the United States, she has showcased her art in Arte Sin Fronteras: Virtual Exhibition; UNC Women’s Health, Chapel Hill; Sabor y Cultura at Diamante Art & Cultural Center; and virtual exhibition Following the Footsteps of Blessed Venezuela, Jose Gregorio Hernández.

Visual Artist: Yholima Vargas-Pedroza

Yholima Vargas-Pedroza is a native of Colombia. Since a very young age, Yholima was intrigued and inspired by Colombian art through her mother, Fefa. Fefa made a living by painting and, occasionally, performing traditional Colombian dances when Yholima was only a child. Since then, Yholima learned to appreciate art as an expression of the soul and cultural identity. After moving to Canada in 1997, Yholima became a recognized choreographer and dancer as well as an ambassador for world traditional dances. Since her arrival to the USA in 2007, Yholima has continued teaching, choreographing, and performing Latin American dances in North Carolina. However, in recent years, Yholima started exploring her painting abilities on a more formal level. Today, you will be able to explore just some of her work and a piece of her heart through her paintings. Yholima sees the world as a place with vibrant colors, whether there is sadness, chaos, or happiness; there are always colors.

Yholima describes herself as a well put together Costeña with a vibrant, diverse and yet soft demeanor. Just as through her dance, Yholima reflects her emotions and vision, dreams and frustrations through vigorous movements that create a dynamic reality in her paintings. As a new artist, Yholima is planning to continue developing her painting skills and redefining herself as abstract art painter – Costeña painter – that is. Every artist leaves a piece of themselves in every piece of art. That is the gift of using art to share your voice with the world.

Arts & Crafts Vendors

Bolovan Boutique

Embroidered dresses and blouses and accessories: earrings, necklaces, handmade bracelets and rings, hand embroidered bags.

Guatemalan Arts & Crafts

Beaded jewelry, hair accessories, purses, keychains, and figurines made by Mayan artisans around Lake Atitlán in Guatemala.

Alez Creations

My handicrafts are “objects that tell stories,” little houses and rustic garden lamps with mountain airs from my little Colombian towns.

Food Vendors

Na’wara de Arepa

Authentic Venezuelan Food

Pupusas y Tacos Marina

Mexican and Salvadoran fusion.

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