May Legislative Update

HB 135, the bill that would prohibit community ID’s; remove funding from sanctuary cities/counties; punish UNC institutions that don’t cooperate with ICE; force NC Department of Public Safety to collaborate with ICE; and require e-verify for school contracts moved fairly quickly.

It skipped two committees and went straight to Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House Committee. Moises, our Political Director, testified against this bill on our behalf. On a 12-11 party line vote, the bill passed. However, the Speaker of the house sent it back to Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House Committee, essentially killing the bill.

HB 63, the bill that would require businesses with 5 or more employees to participate in e-verify, did not move out of committee and did not meet crossover.

HB 370, the bill that would require jails to verify immigration status of arrestees in custody and share it with ICE; force local law enforcement to honor ICE detainer requests; and remove funding from sanctuary cities/counties is still moving forward! After passing its House vote, the bill now lives in the Senate, waiting for it to be assigned to a committee. We do not have time to waste! Call your Senator now to ask them to oppose HB 370!

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