Statement on Recent DACA Ruling

We will always fight for our community.

On September 13th, Andrew Hanen a Texan district judge, reaffirmed his decision from 2021 and ruled against DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) once again.  

This is hard news to bear for our undocumented community. This decision does not change the way DACA has been working for the last two years, meaning the program is shut for new applicants. It is a decision, however, that has a real impact on the future of DACA, and the future of millions of members of our community. We will always fight and advocate for a permanent solution for undocumented communities and we also know how important the protections and benefits of the DACA program have been for millions of undocumented people, allowing them to reimagine their futures and turn dreams into realities.  

If you can, please donate to local and national DACA renewal funds and use your voice to advocate for the protection of the program.  

DACA Renewal Funds: 

* Located in Durham, serving statewide 

* DACA Legal Services by appointment 

    * Call 919-251-8624 

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