El Pueblo Creates a Non-Partisan Educational Guide for North Carolina Voters 

Raleigh, NC, – In view of this year’s municipal elections and the 2024 general elections, El Pueblo, a non-profit organization, has developed a non-partisan educational guide in Spanish and English aimed at the Latinx community of North Carolina. They aim to ensure that the Latinx community is informed before going to the polls. 

The publication contains information about the electoral ballot, voter identification, eligibility to vote, voting methods, the offices that will be up for election, as well as a timeline of the most significant moments in the fight for the right to vote in the state, among other aspects. 

“This is an educational guide edited and designed entirely by El Pueblo where we have prioritized topics that we consider are helpful for young people and their parents to vote in the upcoming municipal elections and the 2024 presidential elections,” said María González, deputy director of El Pueblo. 

On September 12, municipal elections were held in Charlotte and Sanford. In numerous other municipalities such as Burlington, Fayetteville, High Point, and Cary, elections will be held on October 10 and November 7 of this year. The offices in these elections will include mayors, councilors, and commissioners or aldermen. 

“These municipal elections are a preparation for the general elections of 2024. If we want the Latinx vote to increase in North Carolina, we need voters to have enough information to know or better understand the electoral process and thus feel confident about exercising their right to vote. Our intention is for this non-partisan guide to be that resource,” González said. 

During the midterm elections on November 8, 2022, of the almost 264 thousand Latinx people registered to vote, just over 68 thousand went to the polls. 

According to the North Carolina Board of Elections, as of September 30, a total of 277,416 Latinx people had registered to exercise their right to vote. 

The printed version of the voter educational guide will be delivered by El Pueblo at different community events. The non-profit organization will also provide the publication to grassroots groups and organizations that request it. 

In addition, a digital version of these guides will be available on the website votemosnc.com. 

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)